Cap small

VaiWai's® cap weighs only 2.2 grams and is made of polypropylene (PP) into which is mixed two additives: one for the color, and the other to enhance its biodegradability in particular environments.*  

Further VaiWai's® caps have been tested and have been found to biodegrade in particular conditions.*

However, RECYCLING IS BEST...our caps (and bottles) remain totally recyclable where recycling programs are available.

For now the cap is made of PP (a non renewable but completely recyclable material) but ultimately the aim is for this cap to be made of resins made from renewable resources when one is available that can provide the requisite performance in terms of shelf-life, strength, food security etc. 

In order to reduce the overall material use, tests have been conducted to reduce the weight of the cap and neck ring but it proved to be impossible without affecting negatively their physical qualities and performance.

Recycling is best though. And recyclability is not affected (the special ingredient does not alter or weaken the polymer structure in any way). We would love to share the ingredient statements and product information from the manufacturer if you request them HERE.

* VaiWai's® bottles and caps have been tested for biodegradability under ASTM D5511-11 which is an acceptable testing method for the biodegradability of plastics in accelerated digestion conditions under AS/NZS 14021:2000. ASTM D5511-11 is the standard test method for determining anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under high solids anaerobic digestion conditions. Or more simply put, a rare, optimum disposal environment that mimics much faster biodegradation than most landfills around the world. In optimum disposal conditions, VaiWai'® bottles and caps will biodegrade over time. 17% in just 9 months per independent tests. (TEST RESULTS) AS/NZS 14021:2000 is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for self-declared environment claims.

* The test to ASTM D5511-11 mimics rare disposal environments and represents faster biodegradation than most landfills around the world. In the right disposal conditions, VaiWai'® bottles and cap will biodegrade. (refer to test results) In landfills and other more common environments the rate of biodegradation is slower. Regardless of the rate of biodegradation, we strongly recommend recycling VaiWai'® bottles.