You may have noticed three codes on VaiWai's® bottle, the QR code, the batch code and the bar code:

Bar code VWBAR CODE – The one applied to VaiWai's® bottle is called EAN13. The first 8 digits of the barcode represents country and company prefix while the other 4 digits refer to the item number itself. The last 1 digit refers to the check digit which ensures the barcode and the item number are correct.

QR codeQR CODE – these codes are a new way for companies to communicate with consumers. QR codes are computer generated codes which enables any smart phone equipped consumer with a scanner to quickly access a website and find additional information. Each QR code is unique and contains a link to a specific website.



Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 4.39.12 PMBATCH CODE - Usually on most products but not necessarily very visible, this code allows to trace back the product. When it comes to water, this code informs about the manufacturing date or expiry date depending on what the manufacturer has picked. On VaiWai®  bottles, you will see the expiry date which is set two years after the production date. This batch code can be either printed with a special printer or, as in our case, engraved in the plastic bottle with a laser coder machine.