Certifications and Awards

More and more products carry logos here and there and it gets difficult for consumers to find out what each of this logo really means. To make it easier, see below what the logos found on VaiWai's® bottle mean:

BFA Logo This logo is the BFA Registered Product certification given by ACO (previously known as Biological Farmers of Australia or BFA). It is the guarantee that the VaiWai's® production and systems from source to bottle meets or exceeds their requirements.
ACo Logo

 This logo refers to the certification given by Australian Certified Organic for our farm produce from Kila Organics; our tropical spice farm above VaiWai's® source. 


This logo is provided to us by our biodegradability enhancing component supplier.


PET 1 - VaiWai's® bottle carries the « PET 1 » sign at the bottom. This helps the recycling industry identify how can VaiWai® bottle be recycled. PET1 refers to polyethylene terephatalate, the material used for VaiWai bottle which is easily recyclable.

ITQI-AwardBlue12EN-3stars SMALL ITQI-AwardBlue12EN-3stars SMALL

AWARD - VaiWai® was submitted to a panel of taste experts in Europe and got awarded the highest ranking possible (3 stars). They described VaiWai® water as 'inviting, refreshing, with appealing touches of minerality'.

Exporter of the year award

Pleass Global Limited won Fiji's Prime Minister' Small exporter of the Year Award in 2010 as a recognition of the company's efforts to increase Fiji's exports revenue.